Jeff Sessions is in

WASHINGTON — Senator Jeff Sessions was confirmed on Wednesday as President Trump’s attorney general, capping a bitter and racially charged nomination battle that crested with the procedural silencing of a leading Democrat, Senator Elizabeth Warren. Mr. Sessions, an Alabama Republican, survived a near-party-line vote, 52 to 47, in the latest sign of the extreme partisanship at play as Mr. Trump strains to install his cabinet. … Continue reading Jeff Sessions is in

No replacement for Obamacare in sight for 2017

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — President Trump said in an interview that aired on Sunday that a replacement health care law was not likely to be ready until either the end of this year or in 2018, a major shift from promises by both him and Republican leaders to repeal and replace the law as soon as possible. “Maybe it’ll take till sometime into next … Continue reading No replacement for Obamacare in sight for 2017

Black history month

To many Americans, February, first officially recognized by President Gerald Ford in 1976 as Black History Month, is a time to celebrate African-American achievements, ones that were gained against nearly impossible economic, social and political odds. But there is one achievement that is rarely on the list. As a people, African-Americans forced the United States of America to look deep into its own soul and … Continue reading Black history month

Gorsuch bites back

WASHINGTON — Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, privately expressed dismay on Wednesday over Mr. Trump’s increasingly aggressive attacks on the judiciary, calling the president’s criticism of independent judges “demoralizing” and “disheartening.” The remarks by Judge Gorsuch, chosen by Mr. Trump last week to serve on the nation’s highest court, came as the president lashed out at the federal appellate … Continue reading Gorsuch bites back

Trouble in Oakland

For weeks after the devastating fire that killed 36 people at an Oakland warehouse in December, officials dodged questions about whether city agencies had been aware that the structure was illegally occupied. On Wednesday, the city released 600 pages of public records showing that the authorities were well aware of the warehouse and the activities inside. The documents — which were made available after requests … Continue reading Trouble in Oakland

Still a need for AIDS relief

Among global public health advocates, there is a growing concern that President Trump may cut back, or even eliminate, programs that have played a critical role in fighting diseases worldwide. While every administration should strongly review our nation’s overseas commitments, and there are undoubtedly programs that we should cut, I hope he recognizes the success and importance of one in particular: the President’s Emergency Plan … Continue reading Still a need for AIDS relief

An immature diplomat

Any parent who has had children in middle school is familiar with their teenage excuses. First, they complain that the teachers are mean and assign too much homework, then that the reading is boring, and then when all else fails, they give you that aggrieved look and whine, “It’s tooooo haaaaard.” The point is that whatever happens, it’s someone else’s fault. It’s annoying when it … Continue reading An immature diplomat